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1. When were you born? Where?
Hatched, actually.  April 1, 1994, the Baxter Building.

2. What were some of the first words and phrases you spoke?
Probably Mama, Dada.  And some words humans can't pronounce.

3. At what age did you first attend school? What school did you go to? Did you like it?
Five.   Private tutoring at the Baxter Building, usually from HERBIE.  Didn't much like it. Had more fun trying to escape.

4. Name one of your fondest childhood memories.
My first prank played on Unca Ben.  I hid in the closet and when he came to find me, I turned into Dragon Man and scared the bejebus out of him.

5. Now name one of your worst.
Finding out Uncle Reed and Aunt Sue were gone and not coming back.

6. Name one of your most embarrassing.
You should know by now I have no shame.

7. Which parent/adult were you closest to as a small child?

8. What about as a teenager?

9. Did you ever try drinking, drugs, or both? What all have you tried? Were you ever caught?
None of the above.

10. Did you ever skip school? How frequently?
Whenever I could escape HERBIE.  Later, pretty much whenever I felt like it.  Shapeshifting has its advantages.

11. Who was your best friend when you were really small?
Val, probably.

12. Who was your best friend when you were a teenager?
Ryan and Jacob, I guess.  Kinda drifted away from Val and Franklin after what happened to their parents.

13. Did you sleep with stuffed animals? At what age did you stop – if you ever did?
I had a large stuffed green bunny.  Put him away when I was fourteen.

14. Did you ever have braces or glasses growing up?
Nope.  Shapeshifter.  Perfect vision, perfect teeth.

15. Did you ever break your arm or leg and need crutches – or anything similar to that?
Nope.  Again, shapeshifter.   I'm basically made of nutty-putty.

16. Did you ever have any strange habits that you outgrew but were teased for?
I refuse to grow up.

17. How well did you get along with your parents and siblings?
Great with Mom and Dad; no siblings.

18. If you could go back and change one thing about the past, would you? What would you change?
I'd keep Aunt Sue and Uncle Reed from disappearing.

19. What were some of your favorite pranks to pull when you were younger? Did you have any favorite jokes? What made you laugh the most back then?
Too many to count; most of them on Unca Ben.

20. Did you have any pets? If not, why? If you did, what were they?
No pets.

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Claim the prompt(s) you want to see and I will write between 100-300 words.

       1. Naughty Mary
2. Happy Mary
3. Silly Mary
4. Angsty Mary
5. On-Vacation Mary
6. Horny Mary
7. Transforming Mary
8. Excited Mary
9. Book-Reading Mary
10. Dancing Mary
11. Jealous Mary
12. Turned-On Mary
13. Caring Mary
14. On-His-Knees Mary
15. Obedient Mary
16. Dominant Mary
17. Naive Mary
18. Drinking Mary
19. Greedy Mary
20. Daring Mary
21. Exploring Mary
22. At The Beach Mary
23. Bath-Time Mary
24. Disheveled Mary
25. Exhausted Mary
26. Well-Shagged Mary
27. Kick-Ass Mary
28. Playing With Kids Mary

FF Plot?

May. 10th, 2010 07:48 pm
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1)      Around the world, buildings start disappearing, leaving only monstrously large holes behind.  And the natural suspect, the Mole Man, has been believed dead for more than a decade.


2)      When one disappears in America, the only two Avengers on-hand to investigate are Mary and Remi.  Fortunately, this is right when Jacob and Ryan are visiting and they get drafted to come along.


3)      Investigating the vanished power plant, they follow the giant hole all the way down, deep into the Earth and into Subterrania.


4)      Battle with Monster Island monsters.


5)      They discover that the Mole Man, now quite elderly and sick, is still alive and had masterminded the plot to steal the buildings.  Not for himself, but for a new generation of Moleoids, smarter than the ones that came before.  He’s trying to prepare for their future, when he won’t be there to watch over them.


6)      ???


7)      The four agree they worked pretty well together, which leads to the question of getting the band back together…


8)      Awkward conversation with Franklin and Val.


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